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Jamaican Track Clubs, MVP & Racers Bitter Rivalry – A Myth

Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell at the Press Conference in Oslo, Norway for the Diamond League.

Oslo, Norway – The bitter rivalry between individuals of the Jamaican Track Clubs, MVP and Racers seems to have no basis in fact.

Top athletes, Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell of Racers and The MVP Track clubs respectively, are seen on the television screen at the Norwegian Diamond League warm up area having a laugh just before their 2nd 100m match up.

The prequel meeting in the Italian city of Rome had many remarking on the bitter rivalry between the two camps. In fact, nothing can be far from the truth. Jamaican athletes have been known to compete with ferocity and intensity during competition, but off the track are the best of friends, often times seen hanging out together at parties and functions.

The 2 athletes in particular, Bold and Powell are very good friends and although there is rivalry, terming it “biter” is ludicrous.

Today, at the Bislett Stadium in front of a large crowd, there was a similar outcome to the Rome Diamond League. After Bolt turned on the after burners and  hustled to catch and pass Powell who seemed to have lead for the better part of 75 meters. The two were joined by third place finisher Lerone Clarke in a Tri-fecta  victory lap for the fans. Jamaican Athletes are more united now than ever before and it’s time we do away with unsubstantiated negative criticism.

If there’s any doubt in athletes unity, I will have you know, an athlete wrote this article.

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Complete results of the ExxonMobile Bislett Games – Diamond League can be seen here



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