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Racers had a very good day at the JN Jamaica Invitational

Yes, Bolt and Blake showed that they are the ones to beat. Usain left no doubt in anyone’s mind that he is fit and ready for anyone who dares to challenge him at the 100m: 9.82s is a significant time in early May. There is still a lot of preparation time left. Blake in his beastlike fashion registered for the big showdown with his world leading 19.91s in the 200m.

There were many moments last night for the Racers fans to stand tall and feel proud. Top of the list must be Kemar Bailey-Cole’s 10.09s in the 100m in his first big race as a senior. Warren Weir’s 20.21s in the 200m shows that his sprinting career is definitely moving rapidly to greater heights. Many will now have to do some readjustment to their predictions for the summer. Josef Robertson’s 49.16s in the 400mh had many saying ‘at last!’ Every one knew he could but didn’t. Finally in the guys’ division: who would have expected Jermaine Gayle to have the fastest time among the Jamaicans in the 400m? That performance (45.60) took a little time for the fans to absorb.

Other good performances by the male athletes include Kimmari Roach 10.20 (100m); Marvin Anderson 20.45s (200m); Jermaine Gonzales 45.66, Ricardo Chambers 45.71s, Edino Steele 45.78s (400m).

Who says Racers don’t have good performing female athletes? Schillonie Calvert’s 11.15s in the 100m makes a serious statement. Rosemarie Whyte’s 50.97s in the 400m is a good sign for the summer. We are sorry about the last hurdle and Rista. It must have shattered her concentration a bit. However, she showed determination to finish in a creditable time of 56.62s (400mH).

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